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Silage baling is all about getting good quality grass from the swath to the stack as quickly and cleanly as possible, whether dealing with high dry matter material or dense green crops. Case IH RB544 round balers are designed to package your grass rapidly and reliably, regardless of the challenges that climate, weather or ground conditions may create, to ensure maximum protection of leaf quality and sugar content. Their ability to compact the plant material to make bales of the highest density means they actually produce fewer bales per hectare, reducing wrapping costs and raising silage quality. Customers have helped design the new range of balers. Quick baling at high and consistent density is an important requirement in order to collect valuable crop during the narrow window of opportunity and preserve its quality. This is what Case IH variable balers are all about! We integrated a multitude of features into the new RB design so that every model is capable of following the largest combine or baling the heaviest crop with remarkable speed and efficiency. The bale size can be altered and monitored from the comfort of the tractor seat and the wrapping system is unbeatable – so there’s no need for you to worry about the crop type or conditions; you just follow the swath.