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Our company was named after the city Komatsu, located in the Ishikawa Prefecture of the Hokuriku region in Japan. The actual name "Komatsu" translates into English as "little pine tree" and, according to legend, dates back to the middle of the Heian period (794-1192). At that time, the monk-emperor Kazan planted a pine sapling during a tour of the Hokuriku region, and the area where it grew came to be called "sono no komatsubara" ("small-pine field with gardens"). This name is said to have been shortened to "Komatsu".

When "Komatsu Iron Works" separated from "Takeuchi Mining Co." in 1921 to become "Komatsu Ltd.", the first logo that was chosen to represent the new-born company also symbolised this small pine tree. Our logo underwent many modifications over the years, but remained faithful to its original "little pine tree" look until the late nineteen-nineties, when a major change was decided, and the current lettering adopted.

Today, the Komatsu logo is still the most basic design representing the Komatsu brand. It reflects the Komatsu image of reliability, stability, and strength. The well-balanced sophistication of the logo, the unique design of the letter "T" and the deep, vivid Gloria Blue colour symbolize a bold corporate character and a leader in technological innovation.